In this section we compare the role actions available to us.



Its primary use is mitigating damage from Magical actions.

Please see this Caster Mitigation document by my [Leviathan] Meru Lucis for tested cases of which Eden Savage mechanics can have their damage reduced by Addle as well as when to time it.

Note: Check with your healers/party where Addle is better used for mitigation


An old staple useful for progression & optimisation. It enables us to:

  • Instantly cast Resurrection on a fallen party member.
  • Make a hardcast spell instant for potency gains, movement, & to weave oGCDs afterwards
    e.g. Ruin III, Miasma III & even Outburst.

Note: During progression, saving it for Resurrection should be your highest priority


Lucid Dreaming

Restores 500mp/tick for 7 ticks (3500mp total) & no longer halves enmity.

Note: If you are about to die, save it for post death mp recovery


Nullifies most knockbacks & draw ins for 6s duration, 120s recast.

Useful for the following encounters:

[e2s] Eden’s Gate: Descent (Savage)

Prevents the knockback from the Hand of Erebos’ Empty Hate (purple tether) mechanic.

[e3s] Eden’s Gate: Inundation (Savage)

Prevents the knockback from Tidal Waves.

Do not use it for any Tsunami mechanics.

[e4s] Eden’s Gate: Sepulchre (Savage)

Prevents the knockback from the Geocrush that happens before Titan’s Landslide or Fault Line phases.

  • If Landslide is first, Surecast will also be up for the second Geocrush.
  • If Fault Line (Car) is first, Surecast will not be up for the second Geocrush.