In this section we compare the role actions available to us.



Its primary use is mitigating damage from Magical actions.

Please see this Caster Mitigation document by my [Leviathan] Meru Lucis for tested cases of which Eden Savage mechanics can have their damage reduced by Addle as well as when to time it.

Note: Check with your healers/party where Addle is better used for mitigation


An old staple useful for progression & optimisation. It enables us to:

  • Instantly cast Resurrection on a fallen party member.
  • Make a hardcast spell instant for potency gains, movement, & to weave oGCDs afterwards
    e.g. Ruin III, Miasma III & even Outburst.

Note: During progression, saving it for Resurrection should be your highest priority


Lucid Dreaming

Restores 500mp/tick for 7 ticks (3500mp total) & no longer halves enmity.

Note: If you are about to die, save it for post death mp recovery


Nullifies most knockbacks & draw ins for 6s duration, 120s recast.

Useful for the following encounters:

[e2s] Eden’s Gate: Descent (Savage)

Prevents the knockback from the Hand of Erebos’ Empty Hate (purple tether) mechanic.

[e3s] Eden’s Gate: Inundation (Savage)

Prevents the knockback from Tidal Waves.

Do not use it for any Tsunami mechanics.

[e4s] Eden’s Gate: Sepultre (Savage)

Prevents the knockback from the Geocrush that happens before Titan’s Landslide or Fault Line phases.

  • If Landslide is first, Surecast will also be up for the second Geocrush.
  • If Fault Line (Car) is first, Surecast will not be up for the second Geocrush.

**Cinder Drift (Extreme)

Prevents the knockback from Screech in the final phase before the meteor falls down, allowing for comfortable uptime at the safe comet and not being knocked into the death-wall.

[e5s] Eden’s Verse: Fulmination (Savage)

Prevents the knockback from Levinforce right after baiting thunderclouds.