Mobile users please look at this page & XivA in Landscape view

  1. Copy the FFlogs report url e.g.
  2. Paste your encounter log url in the Analyse text box
  3. XivA will automatically process the fight(s)
  4. Proceed through until you click your name in the encounter of your choice
  5. Scroll inside the XivAnalysis window, click on the sections of interest to expand

Xiv Analysis is a project of Ackwell’s that he & I have worked on together as a way to better present and assess what goes on in a given fight encounter log. Here at I wanted to share it with you!

As we were partial to our fellow Summoners, SMN was the first job module outlined and eventually released to a robust level.

Since then XivA has grown with multiple developers and translations into French, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The project itself is a huge continuous work in progress & will be needing the help of many to finish.

If anything is out of order, let us know on Discord either on the XivA server, via DMs or in The Balance