5.20 Gear Sets

For comparisons on how they weigh up against one another check this sheet.

Stat Priority

Always go for ilvl

Weapon Damage > Int > SpS to comfort > Crit/DH > Det

Substat Tiers

Use these tables to see how close you are to reaching your next stat breakpoint or to further understand your stats in general.

Advice on Current Gear

  • If you are using gear for long enough, have it melded
  • Always prioritise iLvl
  • Main stat upgrades & WD > sidegrades until you can get BiS pieces for a particular set

While gear is important, focus more on improving your play before worrying about stats

Potions in Progression

If attempting early clears it is prudent to carry the highest grade healing potions as an additional safety net while learning encounters.

When pushing for the clear prioritise the highest grade Tinctures of Intelligence for damage.