Akh Morning

The Discord for this website! Join & interact with fellow friends of Bahamut.

Created by Nemekh.

The Balance Discord

The go-to FFXIV Discord for learning to improve your gameplay.

Here you can ask players & mentors such as Fryte & I any questions regarding your favourite jobs.

For direct access to guides for all the game's content, check out The Balance website.


The official Discord of FFLogs where you can join the community to talk about parses & bring up suggestions & bugs concerning the FFLogs website.

Created by Kihra.

FFLogs Extensions

Blackcat's Discord for xivrdps.com & Xeph's Tether Calc.


The Discord of FFXIV's main theorycrafters when it comes to the game's mechanics & interactions. Now with a new website.

Founded by Dervy.

Xiv Analysis

Discord for xivanalysis.com that ackwell & I created to help players further understand their fight performances & be given advice on how to improve their play.